Tips & Tricks

Rubber Packing Machine Safety Operation Procedure
   1: Before operation, make sure that the machinery and all parts of the electrical appliances are in good condition.
   2: Machines find abnormal noise during operation and stop for maintenance.

   3: When repairing and cleaning up machinery, it must be powered off.

   4: Focus on the operation to prevent the plastic pot from getting burned.

   5: The pressure of the compression spring of the overloaded machinery must be adjusted properly to prevent the pressure adjustment from being too large and losing its protective function, so that it is impossible to stop the vehicle in time when it is overloaded.

   6: When the front platen on the milling back box needs to be opened for repair or adjustment of the internal structure, the power must be turned off first, and then the repair must be completed after the milling back knives are stopped to prevent danger.

   7: The motor for controlling the placement of the rubber wheel needs to be started after the hot melt is melted to prevent the motor from overloading and damage the motor or other machinery. 

   8: Turn off the power after the work is completed.